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Effective Termite Control in Sydney

Termites are amongst the biggest concern for every homeowner in Sydney. You spend hefty amount of time and money to build your dream home but it is futile without termite control. It’s just a matter of time before termites start weakening the structure of your home.

The Building Code of Australia sets out guidelines to protect structural essentials from termites. But do you still need to be worried about termite control in Sydney? The answer could be YES or NO.

YES, because termites can cause extensive damage to your building & furniture. A termite attack is definitely a very unpleasant surprise, making your building unsafe to live or work at. Known as “white ants,” they can produce more than 2000 eggs every day, putting your walls or roofs at a risk and causing damage exceeding 5 times that caused by fire and other natural disasters combined.

By the time the damage is discovered, it can be too late. This damage is often not covered in conventional insurance. Eradicating termites is tricky task and if not taken care of properly, these termites can return causing more damage. Consider hiring trusted professionals with experience that can accomplish the task effectively.

Still Want to take NO for an answer?

Comprehensive solutions for termite control in Sydney

At Emersons Envirocare, we have adopted the latest technology to detect termites and ants effectively through the usage of Termatrac. Termatrac is an Australian breakthrough technology in the detection of termites, similar to radar, through timber, plastic board, brick or masonry.Pest Control Sydney Termatrac

We guarantee and promise our clients across Sydney & Penrith no drilling, tapping, or prodding, ensuring no interference to the building material or termite activity. We have 25 years of expertise in pest control services and we can readily eradicate those unwanted cockroaches, rats or mice, possums, spiders, and even birds from your home.

(Termatrac® is a registered trademark of Termatrac Pty Ltd)

Termite Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports

We provide our clients with comprehensive termite pre-purchase inspection reports. Our inspection is detailed and accurate. We can detect any current traces of infestations in the proposed premises you are having inspected, and have the knowledge and experience to detect any previous infestations that have cleared but left behind structural damage to the building or surrounding areas.

After a thorough inspection, we will provide you with necessary quotes and recommendations. We are concerned about your health. Our solutions are extremely environment friendly.

What more? We do not leave any mess behind so you do not need to worry about cleaning up which makes us the foremost company for termite control in Sydney.

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