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Spider Control
We can safely remove 8-legged friends from your home

Nobody likes spiders, especially when they’re in or around your home. Our spider pest control service is a thorough treatment of your entire space and property which includes indoor and outdoor areas, subfloor, and most importantly, the roof void which most technicians these days choose to ignore.

Our specialist here can help get rid of any species of spiders using their extensive local knowledge and years of experience to identify the core of the infestation and species they are dealing with. After the inspection is carried out, our specialist will customise the treatment to attack the problem. All treatments used will be environmentally friendly which are safe for the whole family and pets, protecting your home and property!

Interesting facts
All 40 thousand species of spider produce silk but not all spin webs

Most spiders are near sighted!

When a spider is traveling it always has four legs touching the ground and four legs off the ground at any given moment!

Effective service
Every service carried out is up to both international and Australian standards and backed with a warranty.

For more than 20 years, we have been identifying the thousands of Australian spiders and eliminating them from houses and businesses across Sydney and Penrith. While some species might be fatal, we will simply remove all of the spiders.

We have special effective spider control programs and solutions that are environmentally friendly, delivering exceptional results to all of our customers. Our fully licensed and insured team guarantees no mess, no smell.

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