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Flea Control
Nobody likes unwanted scratching

Fleas are insects that can lay up to 50 eggs a day, so it is very important to understand the life cycle of the flea when trying to eradicate it from your home and surroundings.

Fleas have a 4-stage life cycle beginning with the eggs, which can hatch anywhere between two days and up to two weeks depending on the environment. Stage two is the larvae stage, where they develop over a matter of weeks by eating organic matter and pre-digested blood from the adults commonly known as ‘flea dirt’.

After several weeks of this process, they ‘Pupate’ by spinning cocoons to protecting themselves before emerging as an adult. This can be a matter of days to even months again dependant on the environmental conditions.
Once the adult emerges from the cocoon, it will immediately start looking for a host to feed on. Once they have their first blood meal, they are ready to begin the whole process again and eggs will be laid in a matter of days.

Similar to bed bugs and other blood meal pests, it is essential that part of the treatment is preventative work that is done both before and after we come in to eliminate the problem for you.
Something as simple as vacuuming regularly before and after a treatment and washing bedding, clothes, and toys that may be harbouring eggs will dramatically speed up the elimination and therefore stop the nasty bites and rashes that come with fleas.

Interesting flea facts
They can jump up to 30 thousand times without stopping.
When a flea jumps, it accelerates 50 times faster than the space shuttle!
They can pull 160 thousand times their own weight.
A single flea can account for up to 1 thousand fleas within 21 days!

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