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About Planeta Pest Management Services

Planeta pest management is a Sydney based pest management service that are experts in creating custom pest control solutions for both residential and commercial properties. We believe in creating solutions to problems, not just promises! We are 100% eco-friendly and toxic-free meaning our pest management treatments are safe for the whole family including pets without compromising the quality of work!

Planeta pest management was started to break away from traditional pest control stereotypes. Whether that be pest control products are harmful to not only us humans but the ecology around us, or that eco-friendly options just don’t get the job done good enough.

We actively put aside time and money into research & development with global leading industries to make sure that we are providing the highest of quality products that are scientifically proven to do better against most products on the market. We are very selective with products we choose to use and rely on our methods & techniques that we have developed over a decade of both theory & practical treatments.

So why choose us? One of the key elements of our routine treatment is that we use an innovative & first of its kind in the industry as of 2015. Best of all it is certified by the HACCP a food and safety body that goes through independent testing to choose what products are acceptable to be used around food and processing areas.

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